Human and Courage Life

Courage, like all human qualities, is an
abstract thing; but it is this quality in man
that has enabled him to advance against all
natural obstacles through the centuries.
Endowed with intelligence and manual
skills, man??™s courage, even in the early days
of his existence, enabled him to accept the
challenges of nature. He not only lived in the
midst of wild animals but also began to
domesticate many of them for his own
advantage. Soon, even the most ferocious
and largest of animals learnt to respect his
courage. They began to avoid him as far as
they could.
Indeed, without courage man would never
be able to advance from the primitive stage.
He would never try to reach the skies or
explore the depths of the oceans; but
impelled by courage, he left his immediate
confines to defy nature, and soon made the
world more hospitable and secure for
himself. It is this irrepressible energy of
man, aided by his courage, that has
contributed to the comfort and happiness
that people everywhere enjoy today.
Courage is therefore indispensable to
almost all human activities. Men need
courage to face their enemies and the
uncertainties of life. They need courage to
operate machinery, to fly aeroplanes, to
construct high buildings. In fact, they need
courage to meet all the dangers that
constantly threaten them in all their
pursuits. Even to accept the responsibilities
of a family requires extreme courage.
Human courage and valor have been
displayed most strikingly in all the battles
that have been fought in the history of
mankind. Men have fought against men
with deadly weapons to protect themselves,
their countries, families and home. For the
protection and comfort of their families,
men have also faced other dangers. They
have defied dangerous currents in rivers to
bring food for their families by boats and
rafts. They have also defied storm and
battled the waves of the oceans to extract
food from them.
Courage, however, does not assert itself
always. The instinct of self-preservation
usually impels men to seek safety in fight or
concealment whenever there is a threat to
personal security. It is in moments of
desperation that courage asserts itself and
enables one to meet all threats; and it is in
such moments that men also discover their
own physical strength, and other
advantages of resistance. For instance, a
man who is attacked by an animal will fight
fiercely in an effort to avert tragedy to
himself, and in the process discover his
own strength and the advantages of using
certain weapons to overpower his
Feelings of loyalty and devotion too have
often aroused the courage of men. A
person who is devoted to his family fights
tooth and nail to protect his family from
destruction or extinction, whatever the
consequences to himself. Similarly, a loyal
servant may give his life for the protection
of his master.
Thus, courage is the most important quality
in man. He needs it for his own
advancement and to meet all the challenges
of his existence.