Crimes in Maldives

Introduction to speech
In the Last few years, crimes have increased at an alarming rate in the Maldives society. This is a concern for every Maldives. However, it is for more worrying to many people??™s that this not going to be just a temporary trend, and it would keep increasing for a while longer. The hope of a minimum crime future seems to be just a delusion.
Such worries stem from our collective inability to deal with the crimes and the criminals appropriately a reality we need to discuss ways and means of minimizing crimes in society, and together come up with solutions.
This speech is about the crimes that have increased in the past few years, the reasons for their increases and atleast four things that can help minimize these crimes and criminal activity, In general in society all the information is based on evidence and examples.

The twenty first century has woken up to technological explosion and economic boom. Technology is an important element of change in all sphere of life. If technology is properly used, it can bring about changes for betterment of life. On other hand one disadvantage side of it is certainly high-tech crime, against, against which are curbing day and night. High-tech crime not only causes anonymous damage to individual victims, but also impairs confidence in and potentially of it, itself. Therefore seriously damages the future prospects of human beings. Moreover high-tech crime ranges widely from conventional crime taking advantages of it, such as internet Froude distribution of harmful information and infringement upon intellectual property rights, to authorized access by hackers, destruction of data with computer viruses, attack upon destruction of the system itself. The progress, it also increases danger misuses of it and no one is able to deny the possibility of yet other problems arising. Consequently, the world is experiencing tremendous developments in crime and rapidly growing rates of international crimes have become borderless. The world is no longer alien to the tech crimes. Terrified is the international community by the misuse of technological advancements by the criminals. Crimes that arise out of electronic communication such as money laundering is not bounded by national borders.
Maldives is already party to eight of the global conventions on terrorism. Some of these includes international convent for suppression of the financing of terrorism bombing 2000.
On 14 April 2008 four people arrested on credit card Froude (14th April 2008), Male??™ four people, three Maldivian and a Malaysian national have been arrested alleged credit card Froude amounting to a total of US Dollar to 275,000 in the transactions, police say. The suspects were arrested on 25th March, after investigations since a tip-off (2009), according to criminal investigation developments commercial crime unit said. The men used credit cards to purchase expensive items from shops around Male??™, and many had 80 separate cards. The Malaysian national appeals to be the ring leader and reported to have worked as a technician in a credit card production company in Malaysia. This is the first case of its kind in the Maldives and goes to show that small nations are now targeted by these high-tech crime gangs.

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Drug abuse is complex and multifaceted problemand multifaceted problem facing the whole nation, cutting across all age groups strata. Hardly a community family is free from its harmful effect.
In 2003, rapid situation assessment (RSA) Revealed the seriousness of the situation and prompted the elaboration of national master plans for drug control based on information from about 4000 individuals, The RSA revealed that the most common drugs of initiation were heroin which is 43% and cannabis which is 34% .The most commonly abused drug during the month proceeding the serving were opoids which is 76% and cannabis which is about 12%.
The drug abuse habit started as early as 16.8 years of age. The overwhelming majority of the drug abuses were male which is about (97%). Only 8% reported intravenous drug abuse. The inter-viewers gave several reasons for starting drugs, of which peer pressure was the most common followed by a desire to experiment.
Alcohol consumption is prohibited in Maldives and punishable under shariah law. Records of ministry of justice between 2000 and 2003 indicate a very low and declining trends of alcohol abuse in the Maldives, with just 17 cases reported in 2003 (Statistical Year Book 2004). However in the year 2008, 2009 and 2010 this figure has dramatically increased. In the year 2008 (7486), 2009 (2366), 2010 (1618) even
The seizure statistics from Maldives Customs service show an increasing trend in seizures. Seizures were very low during 2002 (11.25g) of cannabis and 2003 (14.84g) of cannabis, 26.44g of heroin and 21g of psychotropic substances.
Increasing drug abuse as spawned other crimes in its wake, such as burglary, petty theft and violence. It is the aspect of drug problem that has led to the increasing public frustration and disillusionment with the law of enforcement agencies and there ability to cope with the situation. It is also the same aspect of problem that has over stretch the limited resources of the law enforcement agencies.
The RSA reported almost a third of the drug abuses were also involved in dealing drug and many admitted to stealing from there homes. Almost 80% of the prison inmates are, or have been drug abuses, adding several problems difficult situation facing the penitentiary system, such as over crowding and indiscipline. According to rapid situation assessment of drug abuse in Maldives in 2003 43% of kg were of the perception that people abuse drug due to family problem, while 20%. Attributes drug abuse due to lack of awareness 80% of the key informants perceived that psychological problems such as excessive worrying, anxiety, sexual, dysfunction and sadness were the main reason for using drugs. This was a common perception in Male??™. Maldives arrested 1153 person on drug churches in 2010, according to statistics in released by the drug enforcement department (DED), a reduction on the 1834 arrested Male??™ in 2009. Police statistics showed that in 2009, 19 persons abused of dealing illegal narcotics large scale were arrested with 10 of the 19 cases sent to the court of trial. In 2010 48 large scale dealers were arrested and 32 cases were investigated while 23 of the cases were sent to PG??™s office. In addition during 2010 police seized 3.3kg of heroin and 5.5kg of cannabis and 790 bottles of alcohol, a total street value police claimed was Rf.11.2 million (US Dollars) 870,000 head of DED Mohamed Jinan said police had reduced the spread of drug by 50% during the last 2 years. (Hinnavaru)

Another crime that has increased in the past few years is domestic violence. Domestic violence is more than just violence and physical injury. It also include emotional abuses, economic abuses, sexual abuse, intimidation isolation, threats and coercion and is about power and control of abuses over the victim. Domestic violence is most common perpetrated by men against women.
When looking at the causes for domestic violence there are many reasons for domestic violence. Domestic violence is not only caused by stress, unemployment, poverty, alcohol or mental illness or women who experience the violence. While these factor may perpetuate domestic violence they can not be looked upon as causes rather than domestic violence is associated with brodes gender inequalities whereby societies have given greater status, wealth, influence, control and power to men.
There is an acknowledged lack of research and information in domestic violence in Maldives.
What is available appears to be mostly based on case studies and anecdotal information gathered from agencies who deal with victims and Ministry of Gender Family Development and Social Security (MGFDSS).
There are many factors that parpectuate Domestic violence in the Maldives. One factor is Traditional values. Cultural ideologies have provided legitimacy for violence against women. It is within the family that gender inequalities are probably most entranced. In society where women??™s right are weak their vulnerability to violence is compound by lack of options to seek protection from law.
Second one is economic defense of women. The lack of economic resources underpins women??™s vulnerability to violence and difficulty in leaving a violence relationship. Women??™s economic defense on men may be reflected in limited access to employment, discrimination laws regarding inheritance and less access to training and education and women??™s participate in labour market is roughly half that of men. Following that criminal justice system is also a factor that perpectuate Domestic violence is the Maldives.
In 2002 CEDAW committee in its initial report on the Maldives noted 2 principal areas of concern in relation to women and the criminal justice system. The first noted concern an under reporting of domestic law and violence and an absence of effective law and law enforcement. According to the Bureau of crimes records from Maldives police service 135 causes logged on domestic violence in the year 2010, 156 causes in the year 2009 and 172 causes in the year 2008.

Just like as above mentioned crimes sexual offences is another major crime which is upcoming in the world as well as Maldives. According to Janet Mayer (2000), there are many reasons for sexual offences firstly alcohol. Considerable evidence links alcohol and physical regression. Alcohol use is involved in up to 75% of acquaintance rapes. Alcohol effects men??™s perception of women??™s sexual infant. In short, perpetrators are were aggressive and victims less effective at setting boundaries and defending themselves when drinking alcohol. Second reason is attitudes and Gender Scheme. Sexually aggressive men are more likely to believe myths about rape and than use of interpersonal violence is an effective strategy for resolving conflict than non-aggressive men. These sorts of beliefs may serve as rationalizations for sexual offenders allowing them to imagine that their victims either desired or deserved to experience forced sexual acts.
Research has confirmed that motives of power and anger are more prominent in rapist rationalizations for sexual aggression than sexual desires are another reason is family. Children??™s who are exposed to violence between their parents are more likely to be involved in violence intimate relationship as adult. The structure of family seems to have an impact on the attitudes and behaviors of children raised in them. Violent sex offenders have been found to be more likely than other adults to have experienced poor parental child-rearing, poor supervising physical abuse, neglect, and suppurations found their parents.
According to Janet Mayer, M.A(2000) another reason for sexual offences is media from the early days of modern women??™s movement, feminists contended that pornography encourage sexual aggression towards women??™s by portraying them as nothing more than sex object, that is supported in the research women, rather than sexually graplise material, that encourage acceptance of violence and callousness towards women??™s who are its victims. Television and movies often send the message that violence work.
Take the recent case of 41 Year old women assaulting her own 7 year old son to gratify herself sexually and this happened in an appalling week in which another abuse case from Thohddoo and a gang rape case were reported.
Some ???experts??™ have been claiming that the increase in such reported cases is because of more awareness and more reporting. This however may not be true crime reporting was much more complete in the part, particularly during the 70s and beyond, when it was near impossible to get away with a serious crime. This it??™s more likely that in acts experts are trying to cover up their own.