Katie Abel
Media Problem #1
As I am from a small city of 15,000 people. I have to say this media problem really jumped out at me. This is a common issue in our metro news stations. It is also an issue in our local newspaper. I believe that ratings and being the most popluar source of news someimtes gets in the way of repoting the news that really hits close to home. Our metro news stations report on what is going on and what is considered ???juicy??? news. A lot of the time I find that if they story they are repoting on were a movie and it were ???R??? rated it gets the most air time. When I watch they news it seems as if the first 15 monutes is nothing but cirmes. It is almost depressing to watch.
This is why if I were the news director I would choose my lead story to be the closing of city parks. While it may not be as popular as a celebrity death, it affects my viewers more. The death of a celebrity is always a big, and yes it is a sad time. But, I feel that the closing of city parks three days a week would really upset viewers and possibly start an even bigger story.
In my town if the city were to close city parks for three days a week people would come unglued. We do not have many, but they are always buzzing with people. It is a good way to interact with you children and your community. With the video game industry still going strong, I believe parents should do whatever it takes to get their kids outside, by closing parks it would really hinder this.
I believe it is the job of reporters to deliver the news in a timely manner and to deliver the facts. While I understand the importance of a death, I think the 24 hour news stations can cover more of it. They run all day. My local news stations do a broadcast in the morning, noon 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 10:00pm. With fewer times that they are on the air they don??™t need to constantly report on a death. The saying, ???it??™s like beating a dead horse.??? How many times do you really want to hear the same story on a death When Michael Jackson died, our local news stations did a wonderful job on reporting the story. It was not the only thing that was talked about. It was not the top story every hour; they still reported what was going on around Iowa. I feel that reporters should remember their communities and its people.
When it comes to online news sites they need to report what is the truth. I understand that fabricating the truth makes for a ???juicier??? story, and may generate more ???hits??? to the website; it should be truthful in nature. The website writers need to have an un-biased opinion on whatever it is that they are writing. Which I understand that, that is something that is hard to do. But, it is unfair to a reader to read something that is only one sided. Also, online news sources should up hold a certain level of dignity. They need to be professional even though it is not face-to-face interaction. I sometimes think that people believe because they are behind a monitor they can say as they please. One must understand that words can hurt as much if not more than actions. To me sites like Facebook are a playground for bullies. The comments that I have are rude and downright cruel. So, if news sites allow comments on their stories they need to have a comment mediator to keep things low key and keep commenting on an appropriate sense.
I personally prefer to read my news online. I read our local newspaper online as well as the metro newspaper. In my current financial situation I cannot afford to subscribe to every newspaper. So, being that I already am paying for the internet and the electricity to run my computer I use to it to my full advantage. My husband on the other hand still likes to watch the news on TV. He is a few years older than me, so he grew up with the only sources of news being television and news print.
In the last century the media has changed so much! I would really love to have lived in the 19th century. I think life would have been amazing. At times maybe more complicated, but family was so important then that it would have made up for hardships. The telephone and radios were invented in the early 1900??™s as well as the first flight. Radio was available for mass entertainment in the 1920??™s. Films with speaking were out in the 1940??™s. The first televisions were available in the late 1920??™s to early 1930??™s. Now media is internet, smart phones, flat screen televisions, and satellite radio. I??™m sure my great grand parents??™ heads would spin with all the new-fangled things now.

Relationship among television, movies and electronic games in culture.
Charlie Chapin said it all, or did he His films were silent but great. Now there are movies like Avatar, and The Transformers Trilogies. The technology and sounds effects would have amazed Charlie and others from the 19th century. But to people my age and younger these are average everyday things. The way technology has changes in the last 100 years is amazing. The one thing that has become overly popular is the video game. When I was a child in the early 1990??™s we did not have a video game system, we in fact did not get a game system until I was 25 and that is a Wii. My got it for us to play as a family. However there are many gamers that do just the opposite.
The use of video games to me, takes people away from reality and their everyday tasks. They get so involved in the games, it is their new world. Fact of the matter is that it is fake, not real, imagination land. Whatever you want to call it, people need to separate reality from their game land. I have friends that all they talk about is what is going on in their Call of Duty land. I am clueless to this; my husband has played a few times with friends but really prefers to play kid games with our 5 year old. People play these games for days and never see the light of day. To me this is nonsense.
Some influential and important games are:
Halo/Halo 2
Wii Sports
Dance Dance Revolution
Guitar Hero
Call of Duty
Metal Gear Solid
The Sims
World of War Craft
Grand Theft Auto
With games such as these it almost seems as people could live out a fantasy through the game. This is why I think video games play an important role in violence. How many times do you hear of a young person committing a crime and his parents say well, he always play such and such video games. So it??™s the games fault. No, I don??™t think so. I think the parent needs to teach the child from right and wrong when it comes to games. If you really think a video games is real, then maybe it should be looked it if you really need to play it

Movies and Television now reflect what is going on in the world. They always have. Movies such as The Kid. Now the movies reflect a time of the unknown, such as 2012, and Battle: LA. Frankly these movies scare me; they are of the unknown but realisticly things that could happen. I think anytime there is a major event in history the movie industry makes big bucks on it. Sometimes this is not always the right thing to do. When Pearl Harbor the movies came out, my grandfather had no desire to even watch it. He said,??? Been there done that, don??™t need to see it reenacted.??? I can??™t help but wonder if many others feel this way My question now, is when is the movie about Bin Laden coming out

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