The news story that is based on the closing of the parks would be my lead story because it has a greater effect on the community and I am the news director of a local news station. I would start the newscast out with mentioning the death of the famous celebrity and then break out into the main story now that I have my audience??™s attention. I would then go into my main story about the local parks being shut down three days a week as this story had a greater effect on the community. It affects schools, churches, and families. Most of these groups count on the parks for recreation for both students and for their own families. Many families will spend money in the community they live in and then enjoy eating lunch in the park. Without parks, the local restaurants may suffer a loss of business. As it is a goal of the news station to gain ratings I would have to continue to run this story as my top story of the night. I also realize once I have mentioned the death of the famous celebrity people will be tuned in and I will have their attention until I run that story where if I made the death of a famous celebrity my first story of the night I might lose peoples interest. The closing of the parks will be a very popular story to air especially during the summer time while people in the community are more likely to use the park. It is most likely that the internet will already have the story posted on the death of the celebrity and almost everyone will know by the time they get home about it via the internet or the radio but they will not know about the council voting to close the parks because it is local news and not world or national news. We as a new station also have sponsors and with running stories that have already been talked about all day or have made the highlights of the day we may lose the ratings and our sponsors would not be happy as they would be losing money as we lose ratings. The people who are watching when you start your broadcast is already tuning in for their local news and they would much rather hear about what??™s going on in their local community rather than national news. I don??™t think that the ratings would really be affected by running the story about the closure of the parks before running the story about the death of the celebrity. I also feel that as the director of the news media station it is my responsibility to broadcast the local news since it is a local station. I also think that if I wanted to get my viewers watching international news then I would also buy another news station for that purpose using the money I earn from the local station I already own. I would also ask myself to sit in my viewers shoes and think about if I was them what would I rather see local news from my local station or national news from my local station to help me in my decision on which story to run first.

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